Mineral blessed with holy & healing nature: Metals (Silver)

A soft, white, lustrous transition metal name Silver (Ag) was know as white gold in acient Egypt, it was first excavated 5000 years ago. Silver’s antimicrobial properties have put this element in the doctor’s bag of tricks; according to Wounds International, silver has been used to prevent the infection of injuries for hundreds of years. Silver doesn’t kill microbes in its metallic form, in which it is unreactive. The metal works against bacteria only in ion form — it must lose an electron to become positively charged. The positively charged silver ion interferes with bacterial cell walls and disrupts other microbial processes. Burn patients may use silver-antibiotic creams on their injuries, and some hospitals use silver-infused dressings for skin ulcers and other wound care. There are debates within the field, however, about the efficacy of these dressings, particularly after a 2010 review published in the Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews found that they don’t speed wound healing.

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