The Krishna Godavari Basin with related perspectives…

The Krishna Godavari Basin is a passive margin basin comprising of a number of North East – South West trending horsts  and  grabens.  Tectonically,  the  basin  can  be  divided into  three  sub  basins  ,  namely  the  Krishna,  West  Godavari and  East  Godavari  Sub  Basins  which  are  seperated  by  the Bapatla and Tanuku Horsts respectively. The West Godavari Sub Basin is further separated by Kaza – Kaikalur Horst into the Bantumilli and Gudivada Grabens (Fig 1). The onland part of  East  Godavari  sub  basin  has  been  further  differentiated into the Mandapeta Sub Basin on the West and Narsapur Sub Basin on the East by the Yanam Ridge. The offshore part of the East Godavari Sub Basin is the Godavari Offshore Sub Basin.  The depositional environment of Krishna – Godavari Basin is controlled by a series of rifting phases. The early- rift phase in the Permo – Triassic produced a fluvial and brackish water  environment.  The  main  rift  phase  during  the  early Cretaceous resulted in deltaic to fluvial conditions prevailing in  the  area.  The  initiation  of  main  rift  phase  in  the  middle Jurassic  resulted  in  the  formation  of  a  North  East  –  South West  trending  West  Godavari  sub-  basin  which  was  filled with synrift sediments. Continued tectonism at the end of theJurassic resulted in the formation of the Kaza high, a central horst which bisects the West Godavari sub basin. The Early Cretaceous  period  saw  continued  continental  dominated deposition,  although  marginal  marine  conditions  became increasingly common, with open marine incursions evident towards the end of the rift phase (Barremian age). The end of rifting  and  onset  of  thermal  subsidence  is  marked  by  an erosional  unconformity  followed  by  a  basin  wide  flooding and  blanketing  of  synrift  sediments  by  the  marine Raghavapuram shale….

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