Native- Silver

Most of the minerals in nature occur in combination of different chemicals as compounds. But, there are around 20 minerals which do not combine with other groups and occur in native form. Silver is one of them, occuring in small quantities, in pure form. 

Silver (Ag) comes  from the Latin word Argentum, meaning “shiny” or “white”

Silver (Ag), was one of the seven metals of antiquity (gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury) that were known to humans, until the discovery of Arsenic in the 13th century.

Like gold, it is typically found around hydrothermal veins, and is commonly associated with Galena, Zinc and Copper.

Silver also occurs in small quantities in other common forms like- Oxides and chalcogenidesHalides, Inorganic compounds, Coordination compoundsOrganometallic and Intermetallic.

Crystal system Isometric
Crystal habitat Wiry, branching massive or grains, or, rarely cubic crystals.
Color Silver-white but tarnishing quickly to black.
Luster Metallic
Streak Silver white
Hardness 2.5-3
Spec gravity 10.3 gm/cu cm
Notable locations Kongsberg, Norway, Sankt Andreasberg (Harz mts),Freiburg (saxony), Germany, Jachymov, czech Republic, chihuahua, Mexico, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Cobalt, Ontario, Michigan, Creede, Colorado.


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