India, faster than other’s in drifting.

Mauritia was a Precambrian microcontinent that broke away as India and Madagascar separated some 60 million years ago. 

Pictorial presentation :

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 22.12.01WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 22.12.02WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 22.12.04WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 22.12.0612-composite-lost-continent-dd1Mauritia is the name given to the proposed 'lost continent,' whose remains may exist today beneath the Indian Ocean.LL_733Fossil-map

How Fast The India was

Description :

Evidence consists of detrital zircon found in rock (6-million-year-old trachyte). Analyses of the zircon crystals produced dates between 660 and 1,970 million years and are considerably older than the 8.9-million-year-old basalt that constitutes the oldest formations on the island. The zircons are interpreted to have been brought up from buried continental crust as fragments entrained as xenocrysts within the basalt. Interpretation of a linear northwest–southeast gravity anomaly indicates the microcontinent may extend 1,500 kilometers (930 mi) from the Seychelles to Mauritius roughly parallel to the Indian Ocean oceanic ridge. (Source – Wikipedia)

(Source – Wikipedia) | Reference from (Ruby- Gujrat University)

Summery :

Mauritia’s history is a violent history among all other geological wonders. Mauritia was torn apart a long time ago by continental

Mauritia was torn apart a long time ago by continental drift and left to be swallowed by an ocean that’s now in present littered with it.

Continental drift, responsible for Mauritia’s downfall, which also gave birth to the continent. It tore apart from its grandmother, the grand and glorious continent of Gondwana, into smaller continents, among them the futures of Madagascar and India.

But while Madagascar opted for a sedentary life as a solitary island, the Indian subcontinent had plans to merge with now-Eurasia, an entire ocean away. The path was tumultuous and sure enough along the way, the Indian subcontinent was battered by the arch-enemy, continental drift, which slashed some land off it. Undeterred, the Indian subcontinent kept on going, faster than ever, leaving behind her children. Mauritia, one of those landone of her childrenwas born an exiled son. 

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