Pakistan is the Scariest land on Earth

Pakistan in the most active quake zone, says US Geological Survey.

Peshawar: An injured boy is being treated at a hospital. – AP
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Karakoram Highway: People remove boulders blocking the Karakoram Highway in Kohistan after a landslide caused by the earthquake.—Hussain Nagri


Active faults and resultant earthquakes in Pakistan and Afghanistan are the results of convergence between the S. Asian and Eurasia plates

In a report on the earthquake and its causes, the USGS said the rupture occurred on either a near-vertical reverse fault or a shallowly dipping thrust fault. At the latitude of the earthquake, the Sub-continent moves northward and collides with Eurasia at a velocity of about 37 millimeters per year.

Active faults and their resultant earthquakes in northern Pakistan and adjacent parts of India and Afghanistan are the direct results of convergence between the South Asian and Eurasia plates.

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Article Source: Published in Dawn, October 27th, 2015

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